Graphic design and website design freelancer.
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Freelance Website Designer

This page offers information on my skills and experience relating to website design.


I began experimenting with website design and development in the late 90s. Back then I primarily used Macromedia Flash, which later became Adobe Flash. In 2009, Flash was beginning to be phased out on the web, so I started focusing on websites built entirely with HTML and CSS.

In 2012 I began to make responsive websites as more users were starting to browse the internet on tablets and smartphones.

Shortly after I began working with WordPress as demand for content management systems increased. I now work almost exclusively in WordPress as the vast range of plugins allow me to cater to a myriad of demands, even when the project has a small budget or narrow timeframe.

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Software / Languages

I am proficient in HTML and CSS and have enough grasp of PHP a JavaScript to understand and adapt code when clients have existing sites or wish to use a WordPress theme.

I do most of my coding in Adobe Brackets and most CSS in Dreamweaver.

Website Design Software


Here are a handful of my website design projects. For a wider range, please see my portfolio.

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Big Dot Framework

I created my own framework in response to the ubiquity of bloated and messily coded sites on the web. The framework (which you’re looking at now in its most basic form) is clean, highly adaptable, and compatible with most WordPress plugins. An answer to Bootstrap, the framework is my jumping off point for new website design projects.

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Freelance Website Designer
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