Graphic design and website design freelancer.
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Freelance Graphic Designer

This page features details about my experience as a graphic designer.


I began my career as a designer while still studying graphic design at the University of Worcester. I have worked for several studios designing digital, animated and print graphics.

Logos and Branding

Branding and logo design is my favourite part of the job. It’s a challenge and a privilege to create the visual assets for someone’s brand.

Print Design

Though printed media may be in decline, I still relish the opportunity to design graphics for print. I’ve created business cards, books, catalogues, gift cards, posters, and pencils and, on rarer occasions, catered for more niche requirements like 3D lenticular print.


Motion Graphics

I take ideas and turn them into a storyboard which is then turned into a video or web animation. The complexity and length of each video depends on the client’s budget.

Motion graphics are an excellent opportunity to explain something to an audience. My portfolio features short videos created for clients with a range of requirements and restraints.


Here are a handful of my graphic design projects. For a wider variety, please see my portfolio.

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I have a high proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, which I use every day. I have no issues with InDesign, and I have been known to use Quark reluctantly.

I use After Effects for motion graphics and have a reasonable knowledge of most of the Adobe suite amongst other popular programs.

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